The ITWomen Charitable Foundation’s college scholarship program supports ITWomen’s mission to narrow the gender gap in technology. The scholarship program works by supporting, inspiring and mentoring young women through their college years and beyond.

Your support of this ITWomen Scholarship Fundraiser helps deserving and underserved girls graduating from high schools in South Florida to pursue their dreams for a secure future in technology and engineering. Your support helps increase the numbers of women earning college degrees in the STEM academic track.

How ITWomen Scholarships Help
ITWomen scholarship recipients will receive $2000 per year renewable scholarship for four years, provided that she maintain a program of study in the field of technology or engineering in the STEM academic track.

In addition to the monetary gift, scholarship winners also receive:

  • The gift of mentorship. ITWomen’s Virtual Mentor program pairs a scholarship recipient with a virtual mentor who has at least five years working experience.  We have found mentors to be a critical element for success during the college years.
  • Outreach from an ITWomen Scholarship Ambassador throughout the duration of her study providing:
    • Bi-monthly contact
    • Coordination of internship and job offers from ITWomen’s sponsoring companies
  • Invitation for herself and her parents to attend the 2018 ITWomen Scholarship Awards Dinner
  • A Bonus Send-Off Bag with useful gifts for college, courtesy of supportive donors and partners.

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